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Lock Wire | Safety Wire | Lockwire | Malin | We’re the Wire Experts Malin’s exclusive color-coded lock wire storage system allows for easy identification and keeps lock wire safe from damage.  To list, Malin’s lock wire selection includes Both Copper and Brass Breakaway Wire | Lock Wire Monel Aerospace Lockwire, Red Lockwire Canister OxidizedContinue reading “Lock Wire – Malin Co. – The Wire Experts”

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Safety Lock Wire – Malin Co. – The Wire Experts   Manufactures seeking high-quality safety lock wire should contact Malin Co. They have built a prestige name for over 135 years with its safety lock wire. Delivering exceptional service and products to industries including Aerospace, hardware supply, medical and dental, jewelry and fishing suppliers.  Malin offersContinue reading “Safety Lock Wire – Malin Co. – The Wire Experts”

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Reliable Safety Wire Products If you are searching for a reliable safety wire product or any other wire-based product, check out Malin Co. safety wire. This company is a leading source of high-quality wire products. Whether it is dental wire, medical wire, or fishing wire, Malin Co. has the resources to give you the exactContinue reading “Malin Co. Wire Products | Safety Wire / Lock Wire”

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Malin Co, the safety wire lock wire specialists Malin Co. is the leading supplier of aircraft safety wire lock wire and wire for aerospace, jewelry and medical applications. Available in aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel, Malin delivers not only exceptional service but top quality safety wire and lock wire for the aerospace industry. AContinue reading “Safety Wire Lock Wire Specialists | Malin Co.”