Expert CNC Plastic Machining in Ohio by Jaco

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Jaco has provided CNC plastic machining to the Ohio region for more than 60 years. With their continued investments into advanced plastics technology and equipment, Jaco’s capabilities have resulted in the finest quality products at a competitive price. Count on Jaco to provide complete solutions for your engineering and CNC plastic machining needs.

Superior CNC Plastic Machining Serving Ohio for More than 60 Years

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Jaco’s plastics machining services have been leading the competition in the Cleveland, Ohio area for more than 60 years. Dedicated to their craft, Jaco provides superior quality products through its high-grade CNC machinery, offering plastics machining to a variety of industries. Committed to delivering precisely what their clients need, Jaco stands proud of its ability to produce both standard projects and unique, custom projects at the highest quality.

Only the Highest Quality Plastics Machining

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Jaco has over 56 years of precision plastic machining experience. Jaco puts quality, experience, and commitment into every phase of the machining process. Jaco is the industry leader in CNC plastic machining, custom plastic injection molding, stamping and die-cutting.

Jaco, experts in precision plastic machining

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For more than 60 years, Jaco has been providing plastic CNC machining and fabricating plastic components better than industry competitors. Jaco continues to invest in state-of-the-art equipment that enables them to handle high tolerance requirements, as well as small and large volume projects at competitive pricing. Contact Jaco is you are in need of a precision-focused CNC machining shop.

The Area’s Top Plastic CNC Machining Services

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Jacob provides masterful plastic machining services to a wide array of industries, producing both standard and custom materials and parts. Proud of their craft, Jaco employs only the latest equipment to develop their top-of-the-line quality products and services to its trusted customers.

The Finest Plastic Machining in all of Northeast Ohio

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Blair Rubber | Rubber Linings

Blair Rubber | Rubber Linings

Blair Rubber specializes in corrosion resistant rubber linings for applications such as chemical processing and storage tanks, railroad tank cars, sewage disposal units, food processing tanks, and hundreds of other applications.  A client of ADVAN / Avanaire Design since 2003, we provide a variety of marketing solutions for Blair including website design, search engine optimization and graphic design of business cards, brochures, online and print ads, banners, posters and engineering manuals.

Blair supplies rubber linings to customers across North America, Asia, South America, and the Middle East with unsurpassed technical support and product reliability. Their staff has unparalleled knowledge of chemicals, applications and the successful installation of rubber linings and provide in-depth training courses to support the rubber lining applicator in the field. Blair has stringent ISO manufacturing processes with traceability from raw materials to testing and inspection ensuring consistent, superior quality in all their rubber products.

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Rotational Molders

When looking at rotational molders for your plastic product, there are many things to consider. Greg Stout and his company, Blue Reed, specialize in plastic rotational molding and not only does he specialize in design, but he specializes in engineering as well and has for over 25 years. Here are four things to take into consideration when selecting a rotational molder.

1. Identify rotational molders by the size of their equipment

First thing first, you have to know the size of the mold so the molder will know if his/her molding machines will be big enough to mold your parts individually on an arm or if the mold is small enough that it could be put on a grate mount and run with other non-related molds or if they can’t run the mold at all. This is important to know because if the part is run by itself on one arm, the costing of running the machine’s arm is fully put on that part. If you have a part that has a resin that has a very tight processing window, this will have to be done anyway so the full properties of the resin can be realized and the full attention of the operator is on your mold. If your part isn’t as critical, you can take advantage of the split cost of the machine time among several other molds of having it run on a grate, that way it can save you money in the long run without compromising the quality of your design. Rotation molding can be flexible in these situations and the cost advantages should be taken advantage of if possible. Saving money is a key priority.

2. Geographic location

Geographic location is something that needs to be looked at since generally, rotationally molded parts are large. You want rotational molders near you if you are shipping the parts from your facility. If you can avoid it, you don’t want to have to ship the parts twice, from the manufacturer to you and then from you to the customer.  If, however, you are having the molder package the part and they are drop shipping from the rotational molders facility, that issue is no longer the case. You could be located in California, but have a selection of rotational molders in the Midwest make more sense if the majority of your customers are east of the Mississippi, for example. Not all rotational molders offer the same services. Try to find rotational molders that cater to your needs are close to the majority of your client base. You also need to know if your molder will do assembly if your molded part is part of a larger assembly. You could have the manufacturer assemble it right there in their plant that way shipping is not delayed or made more confusing than it has to be.

3. Qualify rotational molders by quality and ability to hold tolerances

The next area to look at is quality. Make sure the company caters to you and your client’s needs. Make sure they held up to your standards and they produce a product that you will be proud to deliver to your customers. Along with quality you may also lump in ability to hold tolerances. Rotational molders should have an inspection department that can okay the shipment of parts. Some of these inspection departments will have Faro arms to inspect the parts to make sure features, overall dimensions and the dimensions specific things like threaded inserts are in the correct location. You will need to know they can match up with whatever they need to match up with. Not all rotational molders are able to generate an inspection report and if that is vital to the part you are having molded, you need to know that up front. It is better to be safe than sorry.

4. Cheapest is not always the best

After you have the answers to many or all of these areas, you have to get quotations and you should probably get more than one quote. Normally, you will find the quotes are in a narrow range of price. If they aren’t, it’s either because someone missed something or someone is just charging too much. Going with the lowest price is often not the way to go. Part quality can vary from rotational molder to rotational molder. Not everyone is held up to the same standards that we like to see at Blue Reed. You have to make sure you are getting everything you need. Quality can vary greatly from molder to molder. You own the mold, so you can take it to where you need to have it run, but you have to do your due diligence.

Take a look at the list of molders that Stout has on his website. Those are molders he has worked with for years and trusts. If you find one that isn’t on the list, call Stout to see if they check out. It doesn’t mean they are  bad rotational molders either. It just means he hasn’t worked with them yet. Blue Reed wants you to get the best possible product for your own personal design and style. Don’t settle. It never hurts to do your research.