Infidelity Test

If you’ve ever wondered if you spouse or partner could be cheating, take Susan Perry’s infidelity test. It only takes five minutes and has twenty-four questions. Susan has had first had experience with infidelity when she was married to a commercial airline pilot for more than seven years. She never thought she would have to use her investigation skills as a retired federal agent  to uncover an act of betrayal that was emotionally devastating and caused by someone she loved and trusted dearly.

Susan’s goal is to help other women uncover the truth in their relationships and wants them to know the signs if they feel something is not right. The infidelity test is designed to assist the recipient in recognizing some of the possible indications of infidelity. It is an abridged version of the questionnaire in Susan’s book, “TEN WAYS to Keep Other Women Away from Your Husband’s Cockpit,” and as such is not an all-inclusive list of potential warning signs. They are simply some of the more prevalent issues the women, who participated in her research, said they encountered when dealing with an unfaithful spouse or partner. Viewed separately, none of the items are terribly suspect of infidelity, but when combined with other actions or questionable behaviors, it is often a good indicator that something could be amiss. To discover if you are in a low or high-risk category for infidelity and want to participate in the infidelity test,  follow the link in this article and see what your results are.

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